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BACKGROUND: I hail from the east coast but have lived in many different places. My husband has a position at Miami Valley Hospital which brought us to Dayton a year ago. I've been spinning for 18 years at many gyms and studios, but I have never enjoyed spinning as much as I do at Cycle-Logik. The benefits gained from consistently working out have been awesome both physically and spiritually. I have two sons who are gifted athletes, but love to join me at the studio when they come to visit. My goals are to continue to stay active and injury free and I believe working out at Cycle-Logik will help me continue that journey.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE MY CLASS: I am addicted to spinning at LOGIK and hope I can do the same for you. I bring some of that east coast edge and energy that will rub of of you! I know you will have fun, enjoy getting fit and learn something about yourself. I know I will teach you the best way to reach your fitness goals and to come back to try to achieve even more. I will teach you how to achieve your cardio zones by adding cadence and resistance. Learning how to use breathing to lower your heart rate. Lastly to give you enough incentive to want to come back to LOGIK for more.

Randee instructs the following:
  • Want a chance to see what we are all about or just need a break from some of the higher intensity training you have been doing? The foundations class will give you the bare bones of what we are all about at Logik and provide you with a little more in depth instruction on how you can reach your goals as you plan your workout week.

  • Endurance; The foundation of your fitness. This is not some Sunday stroll, this is meaningful work and the perfect mid-week class to fit in between interval days. With sufficient time in this training zone your body will ‘learn’ how to metabolize fats as fuel. Your body will build lean vascular tissue that is easily oxygenated and helps you recover quickly. We concentrate on physical as well as muscular endurance. Many Endurance classes are 60+ minutes in length, come prepared with an extra water bottle and some calories to keep you riding strong (gels, blocks, bars, etc..)

  • Based on tiny isometric movements, BARRE-LOGIK is a total, non-impact, full body workout. This class incorporates the graceful moves of ballet, Pilates, cardio and strength training to develop long lean muscles while enhancing flexibility and balance. No matter what the age or fitness level; everyone can enjoy this class!

  • This is HEAVY, your CHALLENGE has arrived! Come test your new found fitness and see how your heart rate training is paying off. This ride can be used by the experienced rider who wants to by reach and maintain higher heart rate zones; but is also the perfect opportunity to push your limits and to extend your endurance and fat metabolism. As with all our classes, we will provide a targeted and challenging profile. You decide what challenges you want to take on. In either case, you are invited to rock out in our 60-minute cardio party and burn off some serious calories.