Meet Beth

Certified Cycle Instructor

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Ohio born and raised, yet a Steeler fan! While attending WSU for my BA in Communications I met my now husband of 14+ years who was active duty in the Air Force. We spent 12 years in PA with both our children being born in downtown Pittsburgh. We returned to Ohio in 2012 making this our permanent home to be near family.

Growing up I was always active, yet not exactly athletic.  Tennis was the only sport I could properly play...and win.  In high school I would get up at 4:30am to play a few indoor games before heading to school.  It was during those years I also fell in love with being in the gym and took naturally to the environment.  

It wasn't until a few years ago however that fitness truly became a lifestyle.  I love weight lifting and balance my time between cardio and strength training. I never thought God would lead me down this path, but there's a passion inside of me to help others find their strength and realize their fitness potential.  One of my favorite platforms do this has become indoor cycling.  

In my spare time I'm also studying for my personal training certification and see expanding to others overtime.  

Beth's Weekly Schedule