The next evolution in cycling

LOGIK provides you a tailored workout experience utilizing a dedicated indoor cycling studio with a fully integrated, cutting-edge heart rate training system. Our menu of specialty classes will offer you a friendly, relaxed, safe and team oriented experience to help achieve your fitness milestones. Our elite team of instructors have been carefully chosen for their passion, dedication, energy and respect for your personal goals. We're committed to offering you the best cycling experience you've ever had.

LOGIK Heart Rate Training SystemWhat is the LOGIK heart rate training system?

LOGIK's proprietary heart rate training system is a cutting-edge tool that offers group heart rate training data for each member of a class. Through our light-weight chest strap, individual's heart rates, zones, and additional metrics are project onto our two 200-inch projection screens at the front of our studio. Utilizing your weight, age, and gender – our LOGIK monitors allow for the extremely accurate calculation of metrics such as calories burned and effort given to your workout. Our system then maintains your information and breaks down your rides to allow for comparison of previous workouts automatically! The best results of the month are then presented on our built in leaderboard which lets you see how you've done in comparison to the rest of the class. 

Cycle Class Formats

Bike Maintenance Series - The Basics

Learn what essentials you need to ride safely and the necessary accessories to be prepared. From fixing a flat to trouble-shooting, this class will cover your fundamental needs. 
Challenge The perfect opportunity to push your limits! Whether you are an experienced rider or are looking to test your new found fitness, this 90-minute cardio burn will challenge you.
Concert Series Three giant 200-inch project screens and a 10,000 watt audiophile sound system will transplant you into high-definition coverage of some the best concert events today. From Kenny Chesney to the Police, you'll experience the best at their best while riding perfectly tuned indoor magnetic resistance bikes getting one of the best workout experiences of your life. 
Endurance Endurance is the foundation of your fitness goals. This is not the Sunday stroll, this is a meaningful workout perfect for mid-week classes. Focusing on sufficient time in this training zone your body will 'learn' how to better metabolize fats as fuel. 
Outdoor Cycle Level 1 Introductory fitness, group riding and bike handling skills while traveling at an average speed of 15 to 17 mph with stretches approaching 20 mph on this 75 to 120 minute ride.
Outdoor Cycle Level 2 Dedicated to a brisk pace while focusing on enjoying the ride and trying to improve stamina and handling skills. This ride will travel at an average speed of 18+ mph and last between 75 to 120 minutes per ride. 
Signature Our signature ride is indoor cycling re-invented. This class combines inspirational coaching, motivational music, LOGIK's interval program and our heart rate training system to provide significant challenges for the most experienced riders, but won't scare away newbie riders. 
Zen Break out of the norm. Renewing scents, candlelight, and focal music set the stage for the complete and harmonious fusion of a 50 minute high-intensity studio cycling workout body hot and ready for the transition to 20 minutes of core strength training & finishing with 20 minutes of deep stretching. You'll leave our facility relaxed and renewed in both mind and body.