Meet Keith

Certified Fitness Instructor

In my childhood I was very active with soccer, football, skateboarding and martial arts. Apart from being in the gym, I’m basically an outdoorsy type who enjoys camping, hiking and trail running. My passion for fitness training and boxing came as a natural progression from being involved in the martial arts. What I love most about being a trainer is helping people reach their goals and getting more out of fitness training than they may have imagined. I accomplish this with integrated training and corrective exercise. I push my clients to "get-after-it" while improving their skills and the quality of their movement. I continue to have success helping my clients with weight-loss, improving performance, increasing muscle mass and overall with improving their health and well-being.

Why you will love my class:

Your goals become my goals. Both in my FIT-LOGIK classes and personal training sessions I keep the energy level up and I take pride in making the experience fun and enjoyable for you.

Keith instructs the following: