Meet Nikki

Certified Fitness Instructor

I have been in the field of fitness for 7 years now and I absolutely love it. My mother has always been a workout fanatic, which is where my passion developed. I played softball and volleyball throughout high school, so I have always been very active. I went to school for exercise science and graduated with a personal training certificate. I am a NSCA certified personal trainer. I also have certifications in Spin, TRX, and Tabata bootcamp. I recently competed in a bikini bodybuilding competition. It was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was in prep for 8 weeks. I went from 16% body fat to 8% body fat the day of my show. It was definitely just something that I wanted to check off my bucket list, but I learned a lot and grew not only as a person, but as a trainer as well.

Why you will love my class:

The main class that I love to teach is the TRX bootcamp. I love to push people to their full potential. I think people love my classes, because I never do the same class twice. I am constantly on the internet and using other resources to bring new life to my classes. I enjoy trying out new exercises to keep things interesting. I also believe that my class is attractive because anyone of any fitness level can get through one of my classes. I will always have regressions or progressions in mind to tailor my class to fit each persons need. I will also be teaching additional cycling classes to keep things interesting. LOGIK has brought a whole new ballgame to cycling and I am excited to see what kind of new energy I can bring to those classes.

Nikki instructs the following: