Meet Rick

Certified Cycling Instructor

After being born in the jungle during the Vietnam War and living in a war torn country, I made my way Dayton, Ohio at age 7 on a rusty bike with cement tires. Ok, now that I have your attention, I fell in love with "spinning" after I had gained a bunch of weight and hurt my back after a number of years in my football career. I took "spinning" classes from fellow instructor Kellie Coy, loved it and knew I had to get certified to teach. I remain much lighter today than I was at age 30 because of it. For enjoyment, I coach high school football at Alter, lift weights and enjoy long walks on the beach when I am not chasing around my three children. The low impact, high intensity workouts that can be obtained from indoor cycling (Jamie's preferred term) helped me reach and maintain my body weight and fitness goals.

Why you will love my class:

I teach cycling the same way I coach; a lot of energy and fun with a mix of humor, intensity and competition. During my rides I share my love for a wide range of music. The heart rate training model that is used at LOGIK is near and dear to me. I used this model intuitively without knowing the full benefits that have been taught to me by Jamie and Shannon during my training sessions prior to my being hired. I cannot wait to share with you the benefits of this model of training. Get ready to start your morning with a boost of energy that will take you through the entire day and help you reach your fitness goals!

Jamie instructs the following: