I currently have a LOGIK Semi-Annual (144) or Annual Membership (288) what happens now?


You have TWO Options:
  1. Cash in your current Semi-Annual (144) or Annual Membership (288) and use the available account credit towards pre-paying ANY New Membership. Credit will be determined by the value of what you actually paid for the membership, prorated by the remaining TIME of the membership. (2 Months of Remaining Semi-Annual @ $899 Purchase = ($899 / 6) x 2 = $299.66)
  2. Should you decide NOT to cash in your Semi-Annual (144) or Annual Membership (288) for account credit; we will honor the remaining number of classes that have NOT expired. Classes will be converted at a value of PRIME points. (i.e. 68 Classes x 200 = 13,600). Converted points will have the SAME expiration date of the original contract.

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