I currently have a LOGIK 12,16,24,32, or Couples 32 Membership but DID NOT purchase a promotional UNLIMITED month; what happens now?


You have THREE Options:
  1. Convert your current contract to a new membership of closest value (+/-$20). Any remaining monthly classes in your membership that have NOT expired will be will be converted at Tier 1 points. (i.e. 7 Classes x 200 points  = 1400 points )  Conversion BONUS: 1000 points
  2. Cash in your current contract (prorate monthly memberships) and use available account credit towards ANY New Membership.
  3. Should you decide NOT to convert your membership to one of the above new membership tiers; We will honor ALL memberships we have sold through their respective contract term. The number of classes associated with each package will be converted at Tier 1 points. (i.e. 7 Classes = 1400 points )  Continued contracts will NOT have the added features of No Expiration & Rollover.

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