I am an EXISTING Logik client and am enjoying the $59 or $89 Unlimited month promotions; but I have a LOGIK 12,16,24,32, or Couples 32 Membership that was suspended when I purchased this great promotion, what happens at the end of these promotions?


You have TWO Options:
  1. In signing up for either of these two promotions as an EXISTING client, when the promotion is over your previous contract will automatically continue UNLESS you make an election prior to the expiration of the promotion. Your contract will continue through the respective contract term. The number of classes associated with each membership level will be converted at PRIME (tier 1) points. (i.e. 16 Monthly Classes = 3200 points) Continued contracts will NOT have the added features of No Expiration & Rollover of unused classes through consecutive months.
  2. Convert your current contract to a new membership of closest value (+/-$20). Any contract or class value will be prorated and be applied to your first monthly payment, Earn 1000 Conversion Bonus Points IF You CONVERT and ACTIVATE prior to the end of your Promotional Unlimited Month or by January 1, 2017; whichever is earlier.

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