STOP SPINNING and get ready to RIDE! We are giving away a FREE ONE WEEK** introductory membership to any potential client. Experience up to four classes within 7 consecutive days including those that include our amazing heart rate based training methods. We are confident you will see our passion and commitment to create the best indoor cycling experience available anywhere. Come and give us a try!

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** "Free One Week / Four Free Class" promotion limited to a maximum of 4 cycling classes within 7 consecutive days. The seven day period will be calculated from the date of your FIRST class, not the day you register for the promotion. Offer available to local residents ONLY having a Maximum proximity of less than 30 miles from our business address. Our free week promotions are intended to give legitimate potential clients the ability to experience our incredible classes and facility. If you NOT a local resident, If you are another studio owner or instructor (Cycle or Yoga), or have no intention of potentially purchasing our products or services; please honor and respect our time and efforts and purchase a single class at our drop-in rates. Limit one free week per client (Cycle-Logik). For users that are or have signed up for an additional concurrent or offset free week with Yoga-Logik; the total number of free classes provided will be limited to 6. (4 cycle / 2 yoga)