Logik Group Classes

First Week Free

1 Class 

 6 Class

 12 Class

 24 Class



 Expires in 30 Days
$14 per class 
Expires in 60 Days
$12 per class 
Expires in 90 Days
$10 per class 
Expires in 120 Days
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Logik Memberships

Monthly Open

Monthly 16

 Monthly 24

 Monthly 32

 Monthly Unlimited Cycle*

 Monthly Unlimited Yoga*


Annual 288



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*3 Month Auto-Pay Contract / Month to Month After
**Monthly, Semi, & Annual Members can purchase additional classes @ 8.00 / class
***Monthly, Semi, & Annual Members will have complimentry access to all open gym hours.



Logik Personal Training

Individual Training
30 Mins 

 Individual Training
30 Mins

Individual Training
60 Mins 

Individual Training
60 Mins

Individual Training
60 Mins 

Individual Training
60 Mins 

Individual Training
60 Mins 

1 Session



5 sessions



$30 per session

1 session




5 sessions



$65 per session

10 Sessions



$60 per session


20 Sessions



$55 per session

40 Sessions



$50 per session

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Logik Group Training 

Partner Training

 Triad Training

Small Group Training (4-9) 

Small Group Training (4-9)

Team Training (10+)

Elite Training

60 Mins





60 Mins




75 Mins



4 Weeks - 2 per week


75 Mins



8 weeks - 1 per week

75 Mins



8 Weeks - 1 per week

90 Mins




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* Monthly Auto-Pay Contract Available for ALL Multiple Session Purchases



Terms & Conditions:

* You must purchase a Cycle-Logik class or register for your Free Week Promotion before you can reserve a bicycle in our schedule. A mandatory waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian in a studio for any rider or participant under the age of 18 in order to take a class at Cycle-Logik.

** "Free One Week / Four Free Class" promotion limited to a maximum of 4 cycling classes within 7 consecutive days. The seven day period will be calculated from the date of your FIRST class, not the day you register for the promotion. Offer available to local residents ONLY having a Maximum proximity of less than 30 miles from our business address. Our free week promotions are intended to give legitimate potential clients the ability to experience our incredible classes and facility. If you NOT a local resident, If you are another studio owner or instructor (Cycle or Yoga), or have no intention of potentially purchasing our products or services; please honor and respect our time and efforts and purchase a single class at our drop-in rates. Limit one free week per client (Cycle-Logik). For users that are or have signed up for an additional concurrent or offset free week with Yoga-Logik; the total number of free classes provided will be limited to 6. (4 cycle / 2 yoga)

*** LOGIK UNLIMITED BLUE membership options allows for UNLIMITED Cycling classes for you during the membership term. By receiving the package discount and additional studio amenities you will be making a small two-month commitment using auto-pay each month. After your two month commitment has completed, your account will automatically renew on a month to month basis at the same discounted rate. You may cancel the monthly auto pay after the two-month commitment by notifying the studio by email ( at least 5 days prior to your monthly renewal date (date of purchase).

**** Sales Tax; we are required to charge 7.25% sales tax on ALL Memberships. Class based purchases are exempt from state and local sales tax.


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